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Green Growth Pledge

We are committed to taking proactive steps to improving our sustainability, demonstrating our positive impact on people and places around us, as well as joining a growing community of forward-thinking organisations who are helping Wales and the planet transition for a low carbon future. 

We are working towards

  • working with responsible suppliers to encourage good practice within our supply chain by increasing the proportion of suppliers based in our region, choosing suppliers based on their demonstrable good practices.
  • reducing minimal raw ingredients and materials, with processes and technologies chosen for their efficient use of resources as well as the services being delivered using minimum natural resources.
  • ensuring packaging protects products and the environment whilst also checking to ensure it meets functional requirements, weight is minimised and also designed to be re-used, recycled or composted wherever possible. 
  • using efficient transport and reducing vehicle use and improving fuel efficiency and if used are kept in optimum condition, supply and delivery transport is coordinated to minimise fuel use and mileage as well as delivery runs are shared with other local businesses.


Further reading: www.businesswales.gov.wales/green-growth-pledge