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Welcome to Karry's Deli

🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉 and welcome to South Wales’ very first all plant-based deli located in the heart of Vale of Glamorgan in Wales' biggest town, Barry.

Whether you’re just starting out your journey to explore and reduce animal produce in your diet like meats, dairy, etc, whether you're vegetarian or a fully-fledged vegan there’s something for everyone or all ages and stages of the experience at Karry’s Deli.

Plant-based or Veganism is for literally EVERYONE no matter your previous diet, or your intentions to start - no-one is judging you, it's up to YOU what you eat and whether you like it... or dislike... that's the beauty and interesting thing about food it's soooo personal and what someone likes, someone else hates... I personally know some vegans who hate mushrooms (go figure! I love them!). I'm here to support you and make eating "that weird vegan stuff" fun and enjoyable. ;)

Opening the store on Park Crescent on the 1st week of August 2021 we're now happy to announce the a Click-n-Collect service from 1st week of November 2021. Just take a browse through the site, order and then come and collect your goodies whilst paying in-store on collection either by card or cash.

If you see any products "sold out" please help us by just dropping us a line to hello@karrysdeli.com and which products you're interested in and we'll be happy to tell you when they'll be next delivered or order them in for you!

Thank you from the bottom of our souls for supporting a small local team on the ‘high street’ shopping area of Park Crescent with such a new concept; not only will you be helping the community, your choice will help your health, the environment and your pocket for long-term health benefits.

We look forward to seeing you at the store on Park Crescent, Barry and remember, change starts with one thing at a time, just try one thing, you never know... you might not like it... you might LOVE it!

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