Vegan Grass Prawn - 300g - direct from Taiwan

Vegan Grass Prawn - 300g - direct from Taiwan

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The shrimps can be prepared just like the real thing. They can be fried, cooked, or even served raw. Makes the perfect prawn cocktail, seafood salad, ceviche or even a seafood pie or prawn curry! You will be amazed by the way the plant-based shrimp combine with other ingredients. It can absolutely hold its own against the real thing. Its bite is just right as is the consistency on the tongue, and it has a faint flavour of the sea.

As featured in the menu at Queen's Inn Cwmbran who changed menu from traditional pub meat to 100% vegan for Veganuary 2021... and decided to stay vegan!

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Water 87.2%, modified starch 2.5%, sugar 1.7%, salt 1.6%, gelling agent (konjac powder), thickener (sodium alginate), colour (natural paprika red), acidity regulator (calcium hydroxide), vegan flavourings