Stillers - Silk Roots & Celtic Mist - 0%, 20cl
Stillers - Silk Roots & Celtic Mist - 0%, 20cl

Stillers - Silk Roots & Celtic Mist - 0%, 20cl

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Silk Roots draws it's inspiration from the ancient trading route, the Silk Road and contains spices traditionally traded along this route from India into Europe.

It is an intense aromatic blend with sweetness and warmth from clove and cardamom which is complemented by spicy pungent notes from cinnamon and sweetness and bitterness from citrus.
100% copper pot distilled botanical drink, a great alcohol-free gin alternative.


Celtic Myst is a celebration of the Celtic Nations and includes distillates from herbs traditionally associated with these cultural regions.

It is a refreshing herbal blend of juniper notes complemented with fresh citrus notes and a herbal finishing note from Mediterranean rosemary, a wonderful alcohol-free botanical spirit for mindful living.


No added flavours, colours, sugar or sweeteners.

Zero calories! Vegan friendly.

An alcohol free Gin alternative


Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably Sourced and Vegan Friendly

The finest organic botanicals sourced sustainably

Non Alcoholic

Alcohol Free

No alcohol at any stage of handcrafting

Low Calorie

Zero Calorie

Stillers is zero calorie. Calories only come from the mixer you choose!