Provamel Soya Single Cream - Organic - 250ml

Provamel Soya Single Cream - Organic - 250ml

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Hot or cold, you can finish your soups, sauces and desserts tastefully with this Soya Alternative to Single Cream.

Gourmet cooks can pull out all the stops with just 18% fat. Straight from the fridge you can whip it to a delicious foam to pimp all your sweet & savoury dishes.

Makes organic cooking delicious!


  • water - Nothing to see here. Just the reason for life on the planet.
  • sunflower oil (15%)* - We’ll keep this quick: we use organic European sunflower oil to add texture to our recipes.
  • hulled soya beans (7.9%)* - Busy bees, we’ll keep this quick: our soya beans are organic, and are grown in Europe – mostly France, Italy and Austria. More? Our beans are ProTerra certified, which (in case you’re not up to speed on your certifications) means they’re 100% traceable, 0% GMO and never from deforested areas. Because trees are our friends, and friends help each other grow. Still reading? Why, we could almost call you a keen bean. Soya is super sustainable, requiring less carbon, land, water and fertilisers than most other crops. And the cherry on top: it’s packed full of high-quality proteins.
  • rice* - In case you were wondering, our European rice is organic. So now you know.
  • emulsifier (lecithin)*
  • stabiliser (guar gum)
  • Gum! Sounds kinda artificial? Fear not - ours comes from the seeds of the organic guar plant, and it helps our plant-based alternatives to cream stay deliciously thick.
  • sea salt

Every recipe needs a little seasoning to make it perfect. Exactly the same as when you're cooking in your kitchen.

Sourced from Dutch Antilles and Australia. But we’re working on sourcing closer to home.

* = organically grown
available packaging - 250 ml