Plenish Oat Milk - GF - 1 litre
Plenish Oat Milk - GF - 1 litre

Plenish Oat Milk - GF - 1 litre

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This creamy and delicious Oat M*lk is made from just organic oats, filtered water & a pinch of sea salt, and it's certified gluten-free.

With 70% less sugar than most brands, it makes every cup of coffee feel like a tasty treat! 1 Litre.

What's inside: Oats, water and sea salt – that’s it!

Taste and texture expectations: Fresh, creamy and subtly sweet

How to use: The ultimate companion to your coffee our oat milk froths like a boss into lattes, matcha and more. Plus, it makes a mean English brew if we do say so ourselves.

Health benefits: Plenish Oat Milk is made with organic, gluten-free oats and contains 90% less saturated fat and 75% less sugar than semi-skimmed milk, plus, 70% less sugar than the leading oat brand on the market. A great source of soluble fibre, oats have been found to have cholesterol-lowering effects whilst also being a great source of folate, zinc, iron and magnesium which is required in over 300 processes in the body including nerve and muscle function, blood glucose metabolism and maintaining a healthy bone function. Using only 100% organic oats, filtered water and a pinch of sea salt, our certified gluten-free Plenish Oat M*lk is oat milk is free from any additives and stabilisers like gums, sunflower oil and carrageenan.

Environmental benefits: Plenish Oat Milk produces 52% fewer carbon emissions than dairy.