Plenish Coconut Milk - 1 litre
Plenish Coconut Milk - 1 litre

Plenish Coconut Milk - 1 litre

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This tropical coconut milk is made with all natural, organic ingredients and is totally free of additives and sweeteners. Naturally delicious - it makes the perfect smoothie base, breakfast topper or natural sweetener for your coffee. 1 litre.

What's inside: Coconut cream, rice, water and sea salt – that’s it!

Taste and texture expectations: Fresh, coconutty and naturally sweet

How to use: If you’re all about that delicious tropical base our coconut milk is for you! It’s a special addition to your morning porridge, smoothie, or as a natural sweetener to coffee.

Health benefits: This tropical number contains 36% less sugar and 30 % less calories than semi-skimmed milk. Our deliciously plenishing Coconut M*lk is a refreshing alternative to milk, free from any additives and stabilisers like gums, sunflower oil, and carrageenan. We choose our organic coconuts for their quality and then freshly press them to perfection.

Environmental benefits: Plenish Coconut Milk produces 22% fewer carbon emissions than dairy milk.