Plant Pops - Popped Lotus Seeds - Peanut Butter - GF
Plant Pops - Popped Lotus Seeds - Peanut Butter - GF

Plant Pops - Popped Lotus Seeds - Peanut Butter - GF

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What is a popped lotus seed / popped water lily seed?

Popped lotus seeds, also known as popped water lily seeds or makhana are the seeds of the flowering waterlily plant, which is native to Northern India. Once popped and roasted, they're a bit like popcorn BUT without any of those pesky bits that get stuck in your teeth!

I grew up eating popped lotus seeds in India, where my grandmother would roast and season them at home. I tried dozens of different combinations on my friends and colleagues before settling on our current flavours - I hope you love them.

How do popped lotus seeds stack up against crisps?

Our popped lotus seed snacks come in at under 99 calories per bag and a whopping 50% less fat than crisps!

How and where do you make your snacks?

We source our lotus seeds directly from farmers in Bihar, North India and produce with a deep respect for the communities that harvest them and help us create these delicious snacks. Our popped lotus seed snacks are made in India, following the traditional harvesting and roasting process.

Do Plant Pops' products contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives?

Absolutely not!

Are Plant Pops' products vegan?


Are Plant Pops' products gluten free?


Are Plant Pops' products natural?

Yes! We don't use anything artificial ever.

Are there any allergens in Plant Pops' products?

Our Peanut Butter Popped Lotus Seeds contain peanuts and all our products are made in a facility that handles milk, nuts, peanuts, soy, sesame and mustard.

Are you giving some of the proceeds to charity?

We're strong believers in giving back to the communities that help us create our snacks. Each pack sold helps to support Action Village India, which works with farmers and their families in Bihar, North India - where we source our lotus seeds from.

How should I eat Plant Pops' products?

The opportunities are endless! Plant Pops are a light, airy, crunchy snack to lift you from that mid-afternoon slump or pre dinner hunger pangs. Our savoury flavours are great sprinkled on soups, salads and my favourite, avocado toast. Try our Peanut Butter pops drizzled in melted chocolate or atop a bowl of porridge! For more snacking ideas, head over to our blog.