Kinda Co. - Greek Style Cheese block

Kinda Co. - Greek Style Cheese block

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Not all vegan cheeses are created equal.

BLOCK CHEESES: Hand crafted then hand wrapped in waxed cheese paper with a paper label , these are our award winning block cheeses. The king of any cheeseboard, they keep our customers coming back time after time.


Greek Style: 

Our new, improved Feta Style cheese!

A salty, tangy, crumbly and creamy cheese, perfect for salads, pasta, pizza or anything else you can think of! All food tastes better with some Greek cheese on top. 

We've been working on this recipe for months, and we're so excited to finally release it into the world! 

Can be frozen for up to 3 months - defrost in the fridge overnight and eat within 4 days.

Weight: 170g  

Ingredients: Water, Cashew Nuts (23%), Almonds (13%), Coconut Oil, Natural Cultures, Salt, Carrageenan Kappa, Pea Fibre, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)

Allergens in bold.

Packaging: Recyclable vacuum pouch