Karry's Deli Christmas 🎄  Hamper: Starting from:

Karry's Deli Christmas 🎄 Hamper: Starting from:

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Perfect for the newbie or family gift who are interested in starting on the journey and exploration journey to veganism and increasing their plant-based diet with new and exciting products not readily found in supermarkets.

♻️ A recyclable cardboard box, stuffed with vegan goodies to the value you'd like to gift.

Your box will include a selection of savoury and sweet items like pates, chutneys, vegan pick and mix sweets, marshmallows, jelly sweets, vegan mayo sauce, Dairy-Free Chocolate Bars.

Please note that flavours and brands may vary as to what is in the photo, please let us know at the checkout, in special Instructions, if you have any specific requests or allergies (i.e. gluten-free, soya-free, onion-free) and we will do our best to help and find a like-for-like product where possible or to the value of the product being replaced.

Or email: karry@karrysdeli.com. If you'd like to buy a hamper with a different amount £ please just contact me by email and I can create one for you!

You can of course create your own by setting yourself a budget and buying products individually. If it's easier to do this in store feel free to visit - I'll be most happy to help you pick the perfect Hamper for the tastes of the person you want to gift!

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