Hopla Dairy-free Whipped Topping cream (can)

Hopla Dairy-free Whipped Topping cream (can)

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Hoplà spray, already whipped and ready to use, is made with vegetable fats and cream. Just shake it up and Voila’ - happiness is served! The perfect addition to desserts, fruit salad, ice cream, coffee, custards, puddings and hot chocolate, it will always add a quick, light and tasty touch to your desserts.

  • Gluten-free.
  • Ideal for use on desserts, fruit salad, ice cream, coffee, custards and puddings.
  • Ready to use.
  • Soft and light.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Environmentally friendly: contains no propellants considered dangerous for the ozone layer.

A confectionary product made with vegetable fats and cream, UHT spray.


Cream 50% (fats 20%), skimmed milk, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel oil 11%), sugar, emulsifiers: E471, E472b, stabiliser: carrageenan (E407), flavourings. Propellant: Nitrous oxide (E942). Gluten-free.


The product should be stored at room temperature. In order to conserve the optimal quality of the product it is recommended to keep it in a cool place at a temperature lower than 22°. Once the container has been opened keep it in the fridge. Protect it from sun rays, do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 C°, do not pierce or burn, even after use.


For a better yield, the product should be put in the fridge (not in freezer) before using it. Shake well before use. When you use the spray can, turn it vertically and apply light pressure on the supply valve. After using it overturn the supply valve and wash it in running tap water.