Good for You Ferments - Bangin’ Beets - 260g
Good for You Ferments - Bangin’ Beets - 260g

Good for You Ferments - Bangin’ Beets - 260g

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Multi-award winning, naturally fermented, unpasteurised sauerkraut!

This naturally fermented, unpasteurised sauerkraut has an earthy but zingy flavour as it’s made with cabbage, fresh beetroot and fresh ginger. The rich purple colour of this sauerkraut helps to brighten up any dish as a side accompaniment.


Do we need to keep it in the fridge?
We advise our customers to keep their jars in the fridge as this keeps the quality at its best and quietens down the activity of the bacteriaHowever, it is perfectly safe to not keep it in the fridge but it will keep on fermenting slowly and may affect the texture and taste of our productsWe’ve had extensive laboratory testing carried out on our products and they are even safe to eat after 2 years unopened! For best quality, we recommend keeping it in the fridge after opening and eat within 10 days.
What do I do if the jar has leaked or is making a fizzing noise?
Do not worry, this is perfectly normal when dealing with live, fermented vegetables although it does not happen very often. It can sometimes happen if the jar becomes warm and the bacteria inside wake up and become more active. This causes a build-up of CO2 and can make the jar lid appear pushed up. Sometimes if you’re really lucky you get to witness the sauerkraut bubble and fizz when opened. This is just evidence of its aliveness!
What should it taste like?
We always get asked if there is vinegar in our products and when we say no people are amazed- some people ask us more than once! Our products should taste tangy, sour, salty and sometimes a little fizzy on the tongue. We have developed six flavours with the aim of making sure there is one to suit everyone’s palette. We have two spicy flavours, a traditional one and three ‘colourful’ flavours. They give your mouth an incredible taste sensation and before you know it, you will be addicted! No meal will ever be complete without a serving of our sauerkraut again.