Café Rebelde - 100% - Arabica Fairly Traded Organic Coffee Beans - 500g
Café Rebelde - 100% - Arabica Fairly Traded Organic Coffee Beans - 500g

Café Rebelde - 100% - Arabica Fairly Traded Organic Coffee Beans - 500g

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How good would it be if your fresh morning coffee didn't just set you up for the day - but also set up a whole community for a better way of life? Well, with Cafe Rebelde Zapatista coffee, you really can make a difference.

100% Arabica Fair Trade Organic ground coffee. A blend of coffee grown by the women & men of Mexican & Colombian Co-operatives. Cafe Rebelde is sourced directly from the farming communities in Chiapas, South East Mexico. 

The indigenous people of the area have been farming the land since 2000 and produce such a fine product that they have created an industry that successfully supports several villages and ensures the community is self-sufficient and able to work and live on the land. This coffee is grown by co-op farmers including Yachil Xojobal Chulchan (The new light in the sky).

This coffee has the colour of the earth, a rich uncontaminated earth, cultivated for millennia by natural methods by the Indios Maya. An earth, which the large estate owners & the multinationals, with the support of governments, want to take advantage of, by imposing unjust prices.

Without this industry, the people would be forced into the slums and a life of hardship and poverty. By drinking this coffee you are directly supporting the Zapatista's struggle.

For every 1kg of Coffee sold, Cafe Libertad - the brand owner - 40p is donated back to the Zapatista communities to fund basic infrastructure. Kiptik, a "UK-based solidarity group who have been working on a series of projects in the autonomous communities of Chiapas in South East Mexico, since May 2000. The aim of KIPTIK is to support the Zapatista struggle directly through the construction of drinking water systems, ecological stoves, health and mural projects" (

The EZLN fight for the Indios' independence. Many small producers have organised themselves into co-operatives, in order to defend livelihoods, communities & to sell their Cafe Rebelde Zapatista coffee.