In Karry’s Deli we sell high quality, fresh, plant-based meats (charcuterie and cold cuts) and deli products. Take a look at our ever-growing catalogue of plant-based and vegan products or pop down to our deli to have a look around and get your favourites.

Mouse’s Favourite

Mouses Favourite is a range of artisan, hand made vegan cheeses made from cultured cashews and almonds. May contain: nuts

Vegan Zeastar 

Vegan Zeastar Zalmon Sashimi and No Tuna Sashimi is an innovative plant based alternative to sashimi salmon and tuna, just defrost and thinly slice and its ready to go. May contain: nuts

Booch & Brew

Booch and Brew organic Kombucha is raw fermented tea. Made with organic loose leaf tea, organic cane sugar and their own in house SCOBY, a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Your tummy with love you!

Mr Nice Pie *Sell out very fast!*

Mr Nice Pie have provided us 100% vegan pies created locally here in South Wales. Come grab one whilst you can! Lunch Deal; Pie and a DASH drink £5!

Sweet Yourself Vegan 

Sweet Yourself Vegan sweets are 100% vegan, vegetarian and Halal. All of the sweets and chocolates are free from: gelatine, honey, cochineal, milk, egg, beeswax or any animal e-numbers or colours. Go on, treat someone you love! Also have GF in stock!


Sgaia is a meat alternative product created from a mix of wheat and either pea or soya protein. It’s just like meat but not from an animal. Try it, you might like it!

Vegan Junkstar

Want some real good juicy sauce to go with your burger or fries? Vegan Junkstar is where it’s at. We have a perfect companion to go along with ANY meal. Our wide range of snack sauces is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Miami Burgers 

Say goodbye to the crazy levels of saturated fat and sugar. Miami Burgers are made from soya, the chick’n from wheat. The sausages and meatballs, that we also stock, are made from yellow split peas.

Weekend Snack Attack

Looking for a weekend binge on snacks? That just happen to be healthy too?! Shhh we won’t tell 😉 Savoury, sweet, you get to choose! And all are 100% plant-based. Easy on the pocket, easy on the health, easy on the planet – wins all round!

Health, vitality and flavour, what more could you ask for? Barry… embrace the vegan way! This is just what Barry has been waiting for.

Sarah Brown, Nutritionist (and first ever customer!)

Come and visit us.