MozzaRisella Organic - Classic - 125g
MozzaRisella Organic - Classic - 125g

MozzaRisella Organic - Classic - 125g

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MozzaRisella is the extraordinary and innovative line of plant-based and organic products, based on brown rice grown and sprouted in Italy, in full respect of health, the environment and animals.

Mozzarisella is a delicious preparation based on sprouted brown rice, produced exclusively with ingredients from Organic Farming and for the preparation of which no preservatives, chemical substances and synthetic molecules are used. It is a well balanced plant-based alternative, with a delicate taste and a refreshing effect. It is produced from sprouted.



Excellent when tasted pure, fresh and tasty in addition to dishes with vegetables and legumes, diced to give a tasty and light touch to summer salads. Perfect when cooked as it melts very well, excellent to give the right creamyness to a first course, cut into thin slices it is ideal on pizzas, on bruschettas and to fill sandwiches, toasts, piadinas. Its original clip packaging guarantees its shelf- life. Once opened, it should be consumed within a few days as a normal fresh product.


Ingredients: preparation based on Bio SuRice® * 46% (water, sprouted brown rice * 20.8%, salt, apple vinegar), water, cold-pressed coconut oil, sunflower oil with oregano infusion, lemon juice. Thickeners: agar-agar, gum arabic, xanthan gum, carob seed flour (FROM ORGANIC FARMING). WEIGHT: 200g

Average nutritional values
Per 100g of product

Energy 766kJ – 185 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
16,0 g
14,0 g
of which sugars
8,5 g
0,0 g
Fiber 2,2 g
Protein 0,7 g
Salt 1,5 g
Cholesterol 0,0 g