Marigold - Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning - 250ml

Marigold - Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning - 250ml

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This is a tasty seasoning particularly for vegetarian food. Adds a real deep savoury flavour to all kinds of dishes such as stews or bolognese. Try adding to baked beans to make them extra tasty!

Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (soya, maize) Water.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.


Want to know a little more? Read on!

Liquid aminos are culinary seasonings that look and taste similar to soy sauce. Adding a savoury, salty flavour to meals they are naturally vegan and gluten-free, so can use them in place of soy sauce.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are very important for building muscle, regulating gene expression, cell signalling, and immunity.

Soy sauce is made by fermenting cooked soybeans and roasted wheat with salt, water, and yeast or mold until a rich, salty sauce is produced…..

In contrast, liquid aminos are made by mixing hydrolyzed soybeans or fermented coconut sap with water, resulting in a naturally gluten-free product.

Liquid aminos are often described as tasting like a mild soy sauce. Soy sauce has a rich taste, while liquid aminos are milder and slightly sweet.

Both soy sauce and soy-based liquid aminos are high in sodium, containing around 300mg per teaspoon (5 ml). Meanwhile, coconut aminos contain about 60% less.

Don’t contain chemical preservatives so they’re a good choice for people who cannot consume benzoates.

May reduce hunger. Umami is one of the five major taste sensations, alongside salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Its flavour is described as savory or meaty and triggered by the presence of free glutamate. Free glutamate is formed in foods when glutamic acid, an amino acid naturally found in protein, is broken down. 

Research has found that consuming umami-flavored broths and soups before meals can reduce feelings of hunger and decrease the desire to snack.

Easy to add to your diet:

• as a soy sauce replacement in stir-fries and sauces

• in salad dressings and dips for a salty, savory kick

• stirred into soups and stews for extra umami flavor

• drizzled onto oven-roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes

• roasted with nuts for a savoury snack

• stirred into rice and beans

• added to marinades for tofu, tempeh, or meat

• drizzled over fresh-popped popcorn

• as a dipping sauce for sushi

• as a seasoning for cauliflower fried rice