ALL Christmas Pre-order

ALL Christmas Pre-order

Welcome to the pre-order section for the countdown to Christmas.

Although these products are available on PRE-ORDER only, you can chance it to see if I have a few in-store that haven't been pre-ordered. My advice? Don't leave it to chance - pre-order yours TODAY!

However pre-ordering always guarantees you get yours the moment they arrive in store for collection of shipping.

Are you local and in the Vale of Glamorgan? Please help my small business and take the journey to visit the store and pre-order to help reduce my online payments. I currently pay 2% + 25p of each order total for you to reserve this online ..... it's 0% of you come in-store. So please if possible please come in-store whenever possible, it's greatly appreciated 😘 

Deadline Summary:

    • Cheese = CLOSED. only quantity you see here per product is now available and each brand has a different shelf-life and delivery date into the deli.
    • Advents = CLOSED. All quantities you see per product is now available.
    • Mabel’s yorkies = CLOSED.  More will be available in-store only but NONE can be reserved.
  • Buffet Snacks = 26 November
  • Booja Chocolates = 26 November
  • Daisy-Belle Ice-Cream = 26 November
  • Centre of Plate (roasts, steaks, nut roasts, mushroom wellington, etc) = 30 November

As a polite reminder of the Shipping and Delivery costs and details please click here: