🎄 H A P P Y 🎄 N E W 🎄 Y E A R 🎄

Meat but not as you've ever known it...

If you had to list each chemical/ingredient, as we do for other foods, meat is made up of muscle, tendons, blood, hormones, fertilizers/pesticides the animal ingested, etc. And if every molecular/chemical "ingredient" had to be listed for meat, it would look something like this:

Water, actin, myosin, sarcoplasmic proteins, collagen, elastin, monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids, iron, copper, ash (inorganic residue, makes up to 12% of the meat).. and so on.

And, well, fecal bacteria 💩😬. Yep. Weird, right?! But no worries... right?..... most bacteria are harmless to people. Just depends if you're ok with this.. if you are.. carry on... if you want to know more.... 


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